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An elegant blend of white & milk chocolate mousse with lemon caramel

Chantilly Fromage  
Chef's signature cheesecake with a creamy cheese filling, baked on a buttery honey graham cracker crust

Château Chantilly  
Chantilly's signature rare cheesecake filled with juicy pineapples and homemade orange marmalade

Chocolat Amour  
Layers of rich, decadent Swiss chocolate cream and chocolate chiffon with a touch of brandy

Choux à la Crème  
Freshly baked pâte a chou with Chantilly's special cream, filled to order to retain its freshness

Choux au Chocolat  
Freshly baked pâte a chou with chocolate cream, filled to order to retain its freshness

Choux aux Sésames  
Pâte a chou baked with sesame, filled to order with black sesame cream and a drizzle of mesquite honey

Creamy Pudding  
The creamy texture of this custard is accentuated with our chef's unique caramel sauce

Creamy raspberry cheesecake topped with delicious pastry cream on a graham cracker crust

Gâteau Fraise  
Fresh strawberries and Chantilly's special cream find perfect harmony with our irresistable light chiffon

Gâteau Orange  
Layers of chiffon with Chantilly's special cream, fresh oranges, and 100% pure homemade marmalade

Goma Blanc Manger  
A delightful combination of white sesame-flavored cream and sweet kinako (soy flour) sauce

Kir Royale  
This French cocktail is created with a fruity champagne and cassis mousse

Le Matcha  
A traditional Japanese dessert recreated in this green tea mousse

La Princesse  
Our signature rare cheesecake filled with raspberry gelée and cream

Mont Blanc  
Chestnut swirl delicately wraps our chantilly cream & imported chestnuts

A unique combination of black & white — chocolate & sesame

Freshly baked ring-shaped pâte a chou filled with Chantilly's special cream

Paris-Brest Chocolat  
Ring-shaped pâte a chou baked filled with chocolate cream

Paris-Brest Sesame  
Ring-shaped pâte a chou baked with sesame and filled with black sesame cream and mesquite honey

Passion fruit mousse with orange gelée & white chocolate crunch

A delicate pear mousse accented with black pepper and brandy

Fuji apple filling with caramelized apples & caramel on a cinnamon-spiced pâte

Chocolate chiffon rolled to perfection with chantilly cream

Raspberry mousse layered with dark chocolate mousse & light chiffon

Tarte aux Fruits  
Fresh seasonal fruits perfectly in balance with Chantilly's special cream and almond cream-filled tart

Tarte Chocolat  
A chocolate lover's perfect tart

Enjoy our creamy cheesecake with black sesame
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A delightful champagne mousse with mango brulée

Grapefruit Geleé  
A refreshing gelée made with 100% pure grapefruit juice, rum, & fresh grapefruit

Mont Fraise  
Strawberry mousse on a crispy tart with milk jelly, strawberries & cream
Mousse au Mango  
A delightful tropical mousse topped with coconut milk and tapioca

Parfait aux Fraises  
A perfect blend of chantilly cream and fresh strawberries

Pumpkin soufflé cheesecake with rum raisin & holiday spice
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Valentine's Day Cakes ~ Pre-order your cakes for pickup between 2/10-2/14
Blanc Amour  
White chocolate cake with orange marmalade & orange liqueur

Gâteau Chocolat  
An irresistibly moist chocolate cake made with bittersweet chocolate
Chocolat Fraise  
Layes of chocolate chiffon with our special cream, strawberrries, and 100% pure jam
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Christmas Cakes ~ Pre-order your cakes for pickup between 12/23-12/25
Fraise Noël  
Layers of chiffon with our special cream, strawberries and 100% pure jam

Bûche de Marron  
Chiffon cake rolled with chestnuts and chantilly cream, delicately topped with chestnut cream

Chocolat Noir  
Layers of chocolate chiffon and chantilly cream covered in dark chocolate

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