Chan · til · ly: (shaàNte yée) - Sweetened whipped cream. The name for this cream is said to have originated from the ancient white castle in France, Château de Chantilly.

Pastry Chef Keiko Nojima has created a pâtisserie dedicated in satisfying the palettes of all types of pastry lovers. Whether it is a traditional cheesecake or a unique French-style pastry with a Japanese touch, she is committed to bring out the best qualities of each ingredient, some of which are imported from Japan. Always striving to produce only high-quality pastries, every detail is carefully handcrafted by the chef. All of the pastries are guaranteed to be made fresh daily with no additives or preservatives.

Enjoy them with a delicious cup of crema coffee - brewed with premium espresso beans imported from Italy - or a warm cup of English tea or Japanese green tea.

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